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2014, hook+loop add to the musical landscape with their very own mix of pop, rock, jazz and new music, all the while challenging genre boundaries and breaking conventions. The instruments violin, cello, piano and drums as well as three female and one male voice run like a red thread through this exceptionally diverse musical mix and blend in with each other despite their independence. In addition, contrabass, trombone and experimental percussions, such as a typewriter and the beating of a plastic bottle against violin strings, are complementing those sounds. hook+loop open up pop music, create something new and invite their audience to stray while never leaving common ground.


released September 26, 2014

All songs written and performed by hook+loop.
Julia Koll: vocals, violin, viola
Marlene Redtenbacher: drums, vocals, percussion
Marika Waidhofer: piano, vocals
Thomas Wolf: cello, vocals.

Judith Ferstl: double bass
Franz Graser: trombone.

Recorded 2013 by Ronald Dangl. Edited 2014 by Andreas Leyerer and Lukas Schanda. Mixed and mastered 2014 by Harald Pairits. Published 2014 by paper soup records.

Artwork by Marlene Redtenbacher.


all rights reserved



hook+loop Vienna, Austria

Since cellist Thomas Wolf and violinist Julia Koll left their classical home and together with pianist Marika Waidhofer and drummer Marlene Redtenbacher set off to discover new musical territory, they move from pop and rock to classic, jazz and new music, singing “You want more, run faster, faster, faster” and leaving no doubt that they are not yet done experimenting. ... more

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Track Name: electrical shiver
beside her she watches her mouth and her brow
from the crown an electrical shiver comes down
herself she's a mountain unscaled by the town
now the tear runs down and she frowns

like a god you don't believe in anymore
like the good friend you lose
but it's just a thought, it's just a thought
why do you cry

the language she speaks is it real understood
for always they've lived in the near neighborhood
but dwelt those two on the same star if they would
could the stage of her life change for good

like the god you don't believe in anymore
like the good friend you lose
but it's just a thought, it's just a thought
why don't you cry

come in my mind
no words to find
come in my head
or my heart instead

like a god you don't believe in anymore
like the good friend you lose
it's not just a thought, not just a thought
come say goodbye
Track Name: you want more
when you lay your head down
your face on the floor
trying to find out if you feel something more
you want more
but there's nothing in your soul
nothing in your heart
nothing in your mind
there's nothing you're gonna find

you want more
but there were all these things that happened before
you want more
run faster, faster, faster

you don't believe in a life after death
death is in your past
there's no reason for breath
you don't need the warmth, the air, the sun
all you can do is run

help me help me help me i'm gonna leave my body
Track Name: running
i don't eat anymore
13 14
everything you tell me
i have known before

i'm chewing my lip
13 15
still i was right
sad and right and empty

my feet are getting cold but i don't move
time to stop running away
it's getting dark around me i stay here
time to stop running
time to stop running
Track Name: the misconception
we're  living in this fragile world
and sometimes i forget
that if i fall down
i might break through the glass floor

and spilling down is mercury
in uniform velocity
we might not break, we might forget
it might be like we never met

who knows
who knows 
Track Name: we don't know
we don’t know how to stay together
we don’t know how to keep it alive
we don’t know what’s going to come
we fear to know that it’s all gone
Track Name: sharpen knives
hej what are you going to do
you can only sharpen your mind
or your knives
will you go on lying here
and fuck with your brain
for the rest of your life
has this been a scream, has this been a voice
or are you paranoid

no sleep you can't get no sleep
can't get no sleep
cause you're scared and you're lonely
and tired of this night

is this a fly dying in the light
or is it someone lurking outside
your eyes are wide in spite of the night
you're going to sharpen your knives

no sleep I can't get no sleep can't get no sleep
cause I'm damned and I'm crazy
and tired of this life

no sleep I can't get no sleep can't get no sleep
is it only tonight

no sleep i can't get no sleep can't get no sleep
can you reach for the light
can you make it all go quiet
Track Name: i never thought i would love
freedom's a lightning that stroke far away
the thunder i heard was a murmur that came
from your mouth but oh bliss how i love to forget
what sits fearfully down in my heart

this kiss fits on my head in a fever
this kiss fits on my skin in the dark
but the fever keeps making me weaker
and the darkness holds monsters apart

moving away from you
i'm moving away from you
there's a freedom i never thought i would love
in moving away
Track Name: hands
i need more words to tell you
i need a whole new language
i need expressions that I've never heard
i need to tell you

i speak with my hands
so you can feel what I mean
Track Name: charlie
mr bukowski won’t you take me with you
my world is full of flowers and kitsch
i’d have to turn my insides out to show my attitude to-
wards that shit if you don’t let me be your bitch

charlie once again put a gun to my head
and later you can buy me a drink
there’s a rest of whisky up in the shelf by the sink
and i will say exactly what you think

and the telegraphing bones and the sitting stones
they have names for us that finally fit
let the kids learn their lesson and the old cry out in fear
nimm mich mit nimm mich mit nimm mich mit

there’s a glistening in your eye as we look up at the sky
we’re numb to all the cold and the stink
charles bukowski that’s how i’ll go down with you
and i will say exactly what you think
Track Name: heartbeat 7:4
when i was young i met my first love
he was great, green and sometimes he gossiped
but i loved him

tonight i know i needed him
i've forgotten his way of being
but he left me
and i lost him

i don't know his gender
i don't know his sex and his look
but i know his sound
and it turns me on

he was musician
no, he was music, voice, instrumental
but he is dead
i've killed him
music is gone
Track Name: raindrops and leaves (the hitting pleasure)
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Track Name: empty days and golden cages
the cage is open
but don't fly out
you'll miss your friends here
you'll miss your house

the ones that bother you will follow anywhere
and nothing's ever gonna change your soul or hair

paint a picture
don't take a photograph
write a poem 'bout what's never gonna be
focus on sleeping
forget the unknown path
your dreams are purer than reality

the cage is open
the cage is open
the cage is open
but don't fly out

the cage is open
the cage is open
the cage is open
will you fly out
Track Name: giving up
give me up give me away
let me go let my heart go
i get sick of life please let me

high into the sky
falling is the best way to die
Track Name: half-hearted
one-eyed, half-hearted
among the blind
Track Name: inside
i would save you if i could
hold you in my arms
dry your tears light up your mood
show you're not alone

if you just could tell me how
you say it's far to late

you said this pain made you strong
but there's no second chance

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